Upcycled WOOD By Elana / by Zachary Robinson

It's been a while! Life's been busy with the holidays and work, but I finally got a chance to do some more video shooting. Over the weekend I shot some footage of a couple of friends of mine, Timmy and Elana. They have a business where they upcycle old wood into all sorts of furniture. Elana's incredibly talented and if you're looking for something handmade, unique and sustainable, check out her Etsy page. They're currently turning some found wood into a new kitchen table, and I wanted to capture them in the process.

For the shoot we went to Tim's workshop on Long Island. The workshop was a wonderful space - I couldn't have asked for a better set to film, although it was blisteringly cold in New York this weekend. We filmed a lot of B roll throughout the afternoon, and we'll get some more video of the polished product this weekend, barring any possible snowstorms. 

Below are a couple of stills and some video. I was playing with some color correction to see if we can get a look we all like, so one video is straight out of camera, and the other two are with some creative tweaks. This was all shot on my A7S II with the Zeiss Loxia 35mm, and edited using Prelude to ingest (why don't more people use it?!) and Premiere Pro to cut and color. Let me know what you think!