The Gunks / by Zachary Robinson

After years of working in different mediums, doing everything from photo to 3d modeling to animation and videography, I finally decided it was time to really commit and purchase a professional grade camera and lens. Since the majority of my paid work is video, and the work I want to do in the future is film, I snagged an A7S II from the super friendly people over at Precision Camera and Video in Austin, TX. I also picked up the beautiful Zeiss Loxia 35mm lens. 

I had weekend plans to go to the Gunks in New Paltz with friends to do some rock climbing and a day of hiking. So I decided it would be a great time to get familiar with the camera and the transition from Canon to Sony.

Firstly, I'm still figuring out Profile Pictures and how they play into video and photography. The menus are poor at best, and shooting with profile pictures while doing photo throws off all my meters and images, which I found out the hard way. But they appear to be necessary for video. I shot some S-log 3 and used some other profiles, and the S-log has great range, but I need to do a full color correction before I can say anything tangible about the different profiles. If anyone has a great resource for explaining how to shoot and adjust different settings for different types of capture, please let me know. Otherwise it's back to the manual to figure out how to set up my camera properly.

So I went out and spent two days at the Gunks. I took a bunch of photos, and some of them came out good enough to put on the website, and a few of them I liked but just didn't carry the wow-factor that I want. You can see them under the Photo section. 

As I continue to do more video and photo with the camera, I'll post up some sneak peaks here while I'm working on getting them portfolio ready. I've got a couple series in the works, including #LookingThroughTheGentrificationHole and #NYCatNight.

For now, you'll have to settle for my first slow-mo involving Jennifer and some leaves. The first half is uncorrected S-log 3 and the second half is color corrected.